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Management positions are available throughout Upstate New York, in varying roles. Responsibilities generally include ensuring that the daily operational needs of a residence are met, and that individuals are provided with the highest quality of care.


Assistant Manager

The Assistant Manager works closely with their Program Manager to handle day to day operational needs of the Residential Program. This position provides direct support to the people of the program in addition to assisting the Program Manager in the supervision of the Direct Support Staff assigned to the program ensuring that performance appraisals, adequate staffing ratios and services are delivered to the people we support with quality and excellence.

Requirements for the position include: High School diploma or equivalent required, Associates degree preferred. Must have a Valid NYS Driver’s License in good standing. Minimum of one (1) year of job related experience, specifically in the field of developmental disabilities, mental illness, traumatic brain injuries or geriatrics required. Must be at least 18 years old to apply for this position.


Program Manager

Supervises a program and its functions, which include the oversight of regulatory compliance, satisfaction of the people we support, ensures communication with families, a positive community image and adherence to program budgets. Responsible for the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operational and supervisory needs of the people we support and staff of a Residence Program. Functions as the primary supervisor of all direct support staff assigned to the program ensuring performance appraisal, adequate staffing ratios and integrated services are delivered to people receiving services and support with quality and excellence. Responsible for maintaining personal allowance and other finance records of the people we support and ensuring that the program and people supported have their needs, wants and services provided to them in the highest quality and manner.

Requirements: High School Diploma and a valid NYS Drivers License required. Minimum of 1 year of supervisory experience and minimum of one year of related experience, specifically in Human Services required. Must be 18 years old to apply for this position.


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